The place that you can truly enjoy music...

Either if you are a real begginer, bringing in a toddler for the first time music experiment, restarting piano after years or a teenagers trying a new instrument                 - everybody can equally enjoy music and all through their lives                                                                




Welcome to Internaional Musik House!

 At Musik House we are creating a very comfortable and yet professional environment to serve little children to adult for various instrument lessons. Every teacher is a  experienced and skilled and also fun individual and lessons are tailor made to each student. Please enjoy the world of music.

What's New?

March 2014

We restructured our group music lessons for 6month ~ 4years.

April - June Schedule is out.

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 May 25 (Sunday)2014 


Our student recital will be held at Wemens' Plaza . Click here!

 Spring Concert (Outside )


These are some of the concerts that our musicians performing this Spring.

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 Spring Concert April 12

At our School Location

 It is going to be Cello and Piano Concert. Details click!