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Composer/Pianist: Yuko Ohara

Composer/Pianist: Yuko Ohara

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I have studied and researched in London for ages. I have been working as a composer for classical contemporary music. I will teach piano, composition, music theory and solfege. If you are interested in creative piano lessons for a beginner, solfege for any university examinees, and music theory for studying abroad, please ask me,


英国ブルネル大学大学院舞台芸術研究科博士課程修了。英国王立音楽大学大学院ディプロマ・上級作曲コース修了。同大学より「United Music Publishers Prize 2006」を受賞。フェリス女学院大学及び同大学院修了。 クリスト ファー・フォックス、リチャード・バレット、三宅榛名の各氏に師事。BBC交響楽団エンベデッド・プロジェクトでレジデント・コンポーザーを務めた他、ロンドン大学先端音楽研究所に特別研究員として招聘される。作品は、武生国際音楽祭、ハダースフィールド現代音楽祭など音楽祭や演奏会に選出され、アルデッティ弦楽四重奏団、ELISIONアンサンブル、EXAUDIヴォーカル・アンサンブルどの著名なアンサンブルに演奏される。 現在、洗足学園音楽大学作曲コース講師。

Yuko Ohara completed her PhD in Performing Arts Research at Brunel University under the supervision of Christopher Fox and Richard Barrett, and graduated with the PGDip in Advanced Composition at the Royal College of Music, where she was honored with the United Music Publishers Prize 2006. She previously graduated from Ferris University. Ohara was awarded a Composer in Residence at the BBC Symphony Orchestra Embedded Project and an Early Career Research Associateship at the Institute of Musical Research, University of London. Her pieces have been performed by the Arditti String Quartet, ELISION Ensemble, EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble and selected for festivals, including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Takefu International Music Festival. At present, she is Lecturer of Music at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

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