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Violinist/Violist: Eriko Kaminaga

Violinist/Violist: Eriko Kaminaga





東京音楽大学卒業、同大学研究科修了および音楽科学校教諭一種免許状取得 コロンバス州立大学音楽学部アーティストディプロマに在学中アシスタントを務めた後、カーネギーメロン大学音楽学部演奏科修了 アジアユースオーケストラ、PMF音楽祭など世界各国の音楽祭に参加。

日本及びアメリカ各地のプロオーケストラのエキストラ奏者を務める。 昭和音楽大学合奏研究員および茨城県立水戸第三高校音楽科非常勤講師を経て現在演奏活動傍ら後進の指導にあたっている。


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Eriko began her violin studies at the age of five at the Suzuki school. She received her B.A. and Performance Diploma from the Tokyo College of Music where she also received her music teaching license. In the US, she was a teaching assistant at Columbus State University before receiving a Performance Diploma from Carnegie Mellon University.

Eriko began her viola studies at the age of nineteen when she was a college student and has since appeared in numerous performances as a chamber and orchestra musician in Japan, Europe, and throughout the United States.She has worked at the Showa College of Music as an assistant and instractor to the youth orchestra. She was also an instructor at the Mito Third Music High School for violin and viola before studying in the US. Eriko is excited to share a wonderful time with the student here at INTERNATIONAL MUSIC HOUSE.

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