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Tomoko Kodama


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Pianist / Music Manager :
Tomoko Kodama

Pianist / Music Manager  : <br />Tomoko Kodama


Graduated fron Kunitachi Music Conservatory and went on to study in Austria. Had Fumiko Yoshida and Ms. Grate Dihiler as instructors.



She has a full-set study program for her students focusing not only on piano playing, but also theory, ear-training, rhythm exercises and sight-reading. She emphasizes on reading skills so that "my students will continue to play throughout their lives" she says. Providing them the abilities of playing music with a solid musical and technical foundation, she believes her goal is to create a life-long love and understanding of music. She tries to build lessons so that her students will be able to have the ears that will always have his/her audience in their mind when they play.
--We combine different methods for our piano lessons, taking out parts that fit each student's needs which also makes learning the piano more fun.-

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