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Keiko Oyama


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Eurhythmics Specialist:
Keiko Oyama

Eurhythmics Specialist:<br />Keiko Oyama



Dalcroze Eurhythmics Specialist - Keiko Oyama
Studied Dalcroze Eurhythmics at Kunitachi College of Music (Japan ) , Longy School of Music (Boston, USA)
Member of Japan Jack-Dalcroze Association




A Dalcroze-Eurhythmics class is a great introduction for young children to the fundamentals of music and enables a seamless transition to instrumental study. Keiko has been teaching Eurhythmics classes for all ages-- from 1yr old to adults at various schools and also for local projects. Dalcroze believed that developing an individual’s “kinesthetic sense”—a sensory experience derived from muscles in movement—enhanced one’s expressive musicianship. Keiko offers the envionment that students can relax and enjoy the music entirely. She hopes that her taching Eurhythmics will lead students understand the surrounding world and people through music.

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