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Haruko Uehara & Emy Todoroki-Schwartz, Piano from student recital May 28 2016

Hungarian Dance No.5 (Brahms) , Souvenir de Russie No.3 Rommance (Brahms)  Libertango (Piazzolla)

Akimi Hukuhara, Piano from student recital May 28, 2016

Schumann-Liszt - Widmung (Liebeslied)

Jun Kubo, Flute, Hiroshi Kishimine, Guitar from student recital May 28, 2016

Orientale (César Cui), Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (F. Mendelssohn)

春のグループレッスンスケジュールGroup English/Music Lesson Schedule

Group English/Music Lesson Schedule↓
music_class_schecule April-June2016-1.doc

Student Recital Early Summer 2016

We are going to have another student recital on May 28th at ”Luthern Ichigaya Hall".
It is a very nice hall in a church and really close from Nanboku LIne Ichigaya Station.2 min. walk.↓There is a map at the bottom of this page. 
The event will be divided in 2 parts like last year and Part 1 is from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, Part 2 is from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.
Time table may be slightly changed.Exact time schedule for rehearsals and the recital itself will be announced in May.

<Fees> Students:10,000yen / student, Audience: Free

We hire professional video makers and taking pictures / videos individually during performances is not allowed inside music hall.
Please enjoy the live music with your own ears and eyes. DVD will be provided around 2000yen depending on the company we use.
Reservation for DVD is needed at the same time when you apply for the recital. Thank you.





 Google Map For Luthern Ichigaya <- Click!


Shu Shioda & Emy Todoroki-Schwartz's Performance from Student Recital Winter 2015

Scherzo in C minor from the 'F.A.E.' Sonata (by J. Brahms)
Violinist: Shu Shioda
Pianist: Emy Todoroki-Schwartz

Alexander Fisher & Yoshiko Kawabata's Performance from Student Recital Winter 2015

Ave Maria
Violin: Yoshiko Kawabata
Guitar: Alexander Fisher

Jun Kubo & Hiroshi Kishimine's Performance from Student Recital Winter 2015

Quebla Queixo (composed by Celso Machado)
Flutist: Jun Kubo, Guitarist: Hiroshi Kishimine


We have a new piano teacher teaching on Mondays.
Ms. Mari Terada's profile is on the 'Teachers' page so please take a look.
Monday schedule is still flexible and have more space than other days-For those who are thinking about taking trial lessons, please consider to have it on Monday!



We are planning to have a seminnar before the student recital in December during this fall. We will make a team of 5 students or so to listen to each other's lesson, have a meeting together with teacher and parents afterwords.Please ask your teacher or contact office for more information if you are interested in.